“I started wearing Aaira’s Crystal Healing Jewellery six months back. A beautiful ring design studded with Rose Quartz gem and diamonds. I felt this crystal brought me a mental peace, calm with loads of positivity. This was a  turbulent time of my life and wearing the ring, I felt like my good luck charm was there to protect me. Like an angel blessing me. It became easy for me to adapt to the new situations. I started feeling lucky after wearing this ring. 

I had recently shifted to chandigarh, away from my family with  a new career.

 The initial month was full of trouble and turbulence. My boss was tough on me and didn’t share any pleasantry. To my luck, he left his job and that made things easy. Gradually I found a good place to stay and good companions to trust. I thank Aaira for suggesting me this gemstone and I just love this design, everywhere I go -people ask me where I got it from.”