Extraordinary Benefits of Wearing Jewellery

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Extraordinary Benefits of Jewellery

Jewellery has profound effects on our health and when worn on a certain part of the body leaves an imprint. The imprint is usually so powerful that the wearer manifests a power like being touched with a magic feather which can heal anything, and manifest all your dreams into reality.

Every piece of jewellery that you wear has a unique gift; a blessing that can rewire your reality into the much desired picture in your mind and heart.

  • Engagement rings worn on the fourth finger induce a massaging effect with constant friction on the vein to the heart, improving health and giving emotional balance.

  • Earrings worn on the earlobes have acupuncture benefits, elevating qualities like intellect and mental focus.

  • Bangles (especially the gold or silver bangles) have a positive effect on blood circulation and benefit the energy flow in one's body.

  • Nose Rings reduce menstruation pain in women.

  • Ear Rings are part of acupuncture treatment. Ears carry a lot of important acupuncture and acupressure points. The point where the ears are pierced is known to cure asthma.

  • Necklaces made of gold attract bliss

There’s always a feel good factor when you wear different types of jewellery and it often becomes an extension of your body and soul.

Jewellery helps in self-expression which is a natural human yearning. And it's not just where you wear it on your body that makes a difference, but the metals and gems also have their own unique properties and contributions.

  • Gold regulates body temperature and gives body immunity a boost.

  • Silver is an effective antimicrobial agent that helps us tackle colds, flus and skin problems. It can regulate body temperature and protect us from effects of radiation from electronic devices.

  • Copper has anti-inflammatory properties and when worn as a bracelet of any other suitable ornament can cause significant reduction in inflammation and pain. This comes as a great relief for people suffering from ailments like arthritis.

When you look at the many health benefits of jewellery, and how it empowers you, it looks like a good investment in yourself. For more insights and advice, contact gemsofaaira@gmail.com.

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