About Aaira Kaurr

Aaira is a Selflove Catalyst, Author, Spiritual Mentor

Her work is a culmination of healing crystals and exquisite design. With Self-Love as the centre point, Aaira’s jewellery showcases powerful healing crystal jewellery.

Always fond of design and art, young Aaira developed a keen interest in designing at an early age. Born in Imphal, the capital city of Manipur, and blessedly close to the pristine beauty of Myanmar( Burma), she spent quite some time with Burma artisans. After schooling, she took a different career path with information technology, but her life’s circle drew her back to her love, to her true element of being an Artist - Jewellery Designer.

 In 2010, she learnt Jewellery design at Gemological Institute of America(GIA) and soon after, started on her journey with Gems of Aaira - living her dream to the fullest. She pursued several courses in Jewellery Designing, Jewellery Management and Gemology. Over time, she developed an unabated love for jewellery and launched ‘Gems of Aaira’ in 2012. Her journey has been a beautiful one with self-discovery, growth and healing as the pillars. 

Today, Aaira is one of India’s most innovative healing crystal jewellery designers. Her uniqueness is inherently visible in her designs. She challenges the conventions in her craft with subtle royalty in her Gemstone Jewellery Designs.

Gems of Aaira manifest the high vibrational power of crystals in designs that encourage us to get centred on what we want, and manifest our aspirations into realities. Combining the healing properties of crystals with a mindful effort to evolve, Aaira brings you crystals that can be your muse.

She is the author of the book, ‘Self Love: The Power Within You’. 

She is the founder of Connectedbeingz, a wellness consultancy providing mindfulness practices to guide individuals in their road to self-discovery and the art of being happy. 

She has 12 years of energy healing experience and has given more than 1500 healing sessions.  She is also a trained Pranic Healer, Cellular Healer, Crystal Healer, and Sound Healer.